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PRECYZJA-BIT as an independent business entity was established in 1996. It was separated from Spoldzielnia PRECYZJA, similarly to other separated private companies, which were given the task to specialize in various business areas.

Currently our company deals with:

  • Production, sale and service of calorimeters i.e. laboratory devices for measuring the heat of combustion and determining calorific value of various substances. We design and manufacture calorimeters on the basis of our long-standing experience. They are produced with the use of the newest microprocessor and computer technology. Our calorimeters are used for testing traditional fuels as well as different alternative products: biofuels, fuels from biomass, various waste materials etc., atypical organic substances and different synthetic compounds. Our calorimeters meet the requirements of norm, have the highest required precision of temperature increment measurement and competitive price. Thanks to these features we are able to compete successfully with the leading German and American companies.
  • Design, production and service of special laboratory vessels, mainly pressure ones, for testing various physical and chemical phenomena. Their construction resembles calorimetric bombs, but their application is, most frequently, completely different, that’s why they are called e.g. special bombs, reactors, autoclaves.
  • Design and individual production of various laboratory and technological devices, which require e.g. providing ignition in a determined period of time, maintaining stable temperature or other parameters predefined by the user. Such example is microprocessor controlled igniter which can be used together with the special or standard calorimetric bomb.
  • Sale of laboratory equipment and accessories such as analytical and laboratory balances, moisture balances, dryers, densimeters, chamber and tunnel furnaces, knife grinders, impact mills (for grinding hard substances or fibrous ones like biomass), various laboratory vessels made of e.g. quartz glass, ignition wire, reference fuel, various chemical mixtures for making physical and chemical analyses e.g. Eschka mixture, special cotton threads for combustions, collodion, tissue paper etc.
  • Import, sale and service of gas analysers and smoke meters of Czech manufacturer ACTIA CZ (previously ATAL). They are used mainly in basic vehicle control stations (SKP) and district vehicle control stations (OSKP) but also in companies assembling LPG systems in vehicles or in regular car workshops.
    Since 2000, PRECYZJA-BIT has been a general and exclusive distributor of ATAL, which was then transformed in ACTIA CZ as a part of French ACTIA Group. All gas analysers and smoke meters have adequate certificates required in EU and therefore fulfil all criteria that enable them to be used in SKP and OSKP.
  • Sale and service of various technical elements that constitute car workshop equipment. These are: exhaust gases extractors, containers for different substances e.g. fuels and petroleum-derived substances, electronic diagnostic tools such as diagnostic testers (scanners), technical endoscopes (probes), inspection cameras, infrared lamps etc.
  • Sale and service (calibration) of professional breathalysers.
  • Sale of Automapa navigation program subscriptions which enable downloading subsequent updates of the program and map of Poland and Europe. On request we also install the program and the maps directly on the device provided by the customer.
  • Sale and service of professional cleaning machines of various manufacturers, whose products have the highest factor of reliability and durability.
    PRECYZJA-BIT has been in the cleaning branch since 2002. Apart from the sale of the devices, we offer chemical cleaning products, tools, accessories and spare parts. We also rent some of the machines and provide services with the use of these devices. As a company independent of the manufacturers of the cleaning equipment, we promote only the best solutions which have a good warranty and after-warranty service guaranteed by our company and by their producer.
    PRECYZJA-BIT provides after-warranty repair services of various cleaning machines, also these which are not offered by our company.
  • Sale of professional chemical cleaning products for both machine and hand use. We sell products of Polish manufacturer and we also import chemicals from Sweden which ensures their nature-friendliness. All the products in our offer have relevant certificates. Our offer also includes products used in nanotechnology.


Main principles of PRECYZJA-BIT:

  • Satisfaction of Polish customer, constant partnership and not an individual, temporary and often unpredictable business, mainly of an unverified manufacturer.
  • Openness to all remarks, which help the company to fulfil expectations of our customers.
  • Promoting of a loyalty co-operation system which consists in the fact that if there is such need and possibility we, in the first place, make use of the offers of our customers because mutual trade is the best form of co-operation.