KL-12 Calorimeter

Kalorymetr KL-12

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Product description

Calorimeter is designed to measure the heat of combustion of solid and liquid fuels such as:

  • Peat,
  • Brown coal,
  • Hard coal,
  • Brown coal briquette,
  • Hard coal briquette,
  • Coke,
  • Semi-coke,
  • Fine coal (also mixed with other substances),
  • Oil-derivative fuels and other liquid and semi-liquid ones,
  • Biofuels,
  • Biomass (in a form of: granulated products, briquettes, chips, pellets),
  • Waste materials,
  • Different inexplosive, organic and synthetic substances in solid and liquid form.

The measuring method is compliant with Polish Standard. The measurement consists in complete combustion of fuel sample in pressurized oxygen atmosphere. The fuel sample is placed in a special calorimetric bomb immersed in water. In this way the measurement of water temperature increase is carried out. The heat of combustion is calculated automatically and displayed on computer’s monitor. The measuring accuracy of temperature increase is 0,001°.

The control unit of the calorimeter is PC computer. All measuring and check functions are completely automatized. Apart from the heat of combustion, also the calorific value is calculated. The results are displayed on a colour monitor and can be saved on a hard disc and printed in a form of measuring protocols. The device is equipped with software compatible with 32-bit version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. The computer set is supplied together with DVD-ROM and colour LCD monitor.

The calorimeter is delivered as a complete and ready-for-work device. Both, the calorimeter and the calorimetric bomb have relevant test certificates. Thanks to this calorimeter it is possible to obtain the most accurate results of temperature increase and thus of a calculation of heat of combustion and calorific value.

Computer program and LCD monitor ensure comfortable working conditions. The results of measurements and calculations are saved by the computer and can be printed if need be.

KL-12 with LCD monitor

Calorimeter’s functions

  • Automatic control via PC computer which constitutes an integral part of the device,
  • Automatic calculation of heat of combustion in analytic state,
  • Automatic calculation of calorific value,
  • Storage of complete data of the test and calculation (date, hour, name of the laboratory assistant etc.),
  • Printout of the measurement protocol,
  • Monitoring of the number of tests carried out on a particular bomb,
  • Monitoring of the mixer’s operation,
  • Displaying on the monitor legible diagram of temperature changes in relation to time,
  • Possibility to enter real weight of fuel sample,
  • Possibility to use several calorimetric bombs with automatic calculation of constant for each of them.

Our calorimeter consists of the following elements:

KL-12 with LCD monitor

1 Calorimetric bomb 7c coil
2 Calorimeter’s cover 7d manual mixer
3 Temperature sensor 8 Control unit
4 Cover’s handle with integrated drive of mechanical mixer 9 Computer
5 Mechanical mixer 10 Printer
6 Calorimetric vessel 11 Monitor
7 Calorimetric jacket including 12 Table
7a inner wall 13 Supply strip with switch
7b outer wall    


Technical characteristics

Test pressure of calorimetric bomb 19,62 MPa (200at)
Capacity of calorimetric bomb 0,35 dm³ (350ml)
Capacity of calorimetric vessel 4,4 dm³ (4,4 l)
Capacity of calorimetric jacket 15,5 dm³ (15,5 l)
Supply voltage 230V ±10%
Dimensions 1400x700x750 mm
Weight w/o water ok. 75 kg
Accuracy of temperature digital readout 0,001 K (°C)

Parameters of resistance wire used for combustion:
Diameter <= 0,2 mm
Length 100 mm
Weight < 10 mg
Heat of combustion ok. 6698,9 kJ/kg

Control program's capabilities
  • illustrating of temperature increase during the test in the form of a diagram,
  • calculating of heat of combustion in analytic state,
  • calculating of calorific value in analytic state,
  • calculating of calorific value in working conditions,
  • saving test results and calculations in database,
  • calculating calorimeter's constant,
  • collecting data about bombs in use.


Measurement protocol can be printed after the test:


Note: This is an example of protocol printout. Only heat of combustion and calorific value are measured by calorimeter. When the remaining data, obtained in additional physicochemical analyses, are entered via keyboard, the calorimeter's program will include them in the calculations and on the printout.